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The Danbury Doubleback Modified VW T5 Camper Review

Practical Motorhome’s Jeremiah Mahadevan tests the Danbury Doubleback, a Mk 2 version of the rear slide-out camper with an all-new layout, featuring five travel seats, more clothes storage and a larger kitchen.

source/image: Practical Motorhome

Dubbed the DoubleBack the modified VW T5 Transporter 2.0TDI 140PS Long Wheelbase gives you the drive comfort of a compact van but the space of a motorhome.

The Doubleback is an interesting concept with an exciting high-tech slide-out pod. It offers lots more internal floor space when on site.


When fully extended and roof elevated this van offers similar interior space to a full size motor home. The van offers a kitchenette, a large bed that can be folded down to give a comfortable living space. However, it is missing a wash room so you need to park close to camping amenities.