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How To Build A Modern Lounge Chair – DIY Bent Steel Lounge

This DIY Bent Steel lounge chair is part of the HomeMade Modern Metalworking for Beginners series. I bent a piece of 3/16” thick plate steel using 2x4s and C-Clamps and then made a wood base out of Cumaru deck boards. This Project only requires basic hand-held power tools.

source/image(PrtSc): HomeMadeModern

I used an angle grinder, orbital sander, circular saw, cordless drill and impact driver but the impact driver is not needed it just is faster to have a separate driver so you don’t have to change out the bits from pre-drilling holes to driving screws.

I designed this chair to take advantage of the strength and thinness of steel. The bent steel piece is quite strong by itself but might lose its shape over time if it wasn’t reinforced at the bends by the wood base.


Drilling through the steel and driving screws into the wood is an option that would make it even stronger but I like the pieces separate which makes it easier to move. I used ¼” thick industrial felt to make the cushions. The comfort of the chair is more dependent on the proportions and angles than it is on the amount of cushioning./HomeMadeModern