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How To Build a Patio Chair Out Of wood – DIY Outdoor Chair Build

If your garden is empty and boring then you must do something about it. DIY furniture can make your garden look awesome. Also if you don’t have money to spend on expensive outdoor furniture, then you can make it by yourself.Watch the video below from DIY PETE learn more.

source/image(PrtSc): DIY PETE

This Outdoor Furniture project is simple to build, functional, and will look great on your patio. The seat is about 16 inches high and there are 22 inches of room between the armrests, so you will have plenty of room to move around.

The back is at a slight angle which will provide a comfortable place for you to sip on your coffee, read the paper, or enjoy your next barbecue.


All the parts of this wooden, great-looking chair can be cut with a circular saw and jigsaw, then assembled with a drill, a few clamps and glue.This is a fun and easy project that you can complete in an afternoon if you have the right tools.