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The 2016 Scorpion P6R Street Legal Reverse Trike

The Scorpion P6 from “Scorpionmotorsports” was created with the ultimate performance enthusiast in mind. It is US street legal as a motorcycle, but offers the driving experience of a super-exotic sports car.

source/image(PrtSc): Scorpion Motorsports

It has no roof and no doors, but to require them would be to miss the point: The P6 is used similarly to a motorcycle, making its titling status apropriate. Its primary use is to have fun on a nice day, not to take grandma to the market./read more: scorpionmotorsports

The P6 has some pretty significant performance specs, which is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed given the package that it comes on. The trike is powered by a Kawasaki ZX6R 600cc engine.


The engine is connected to a 6 Speed manual transmission that produces 126hp, it has an Integrated reverse gear, and the P6 only weighs 730lbs, and does 0-60mph in under 3 seconds!/scorpionmotorsports

Scorpion Motorsports P6R Specifications

  • Lamborghini Verde Mantis Green
  • Color matched calipers
  • Carbon fiber fenders and seat
  • Carbon fiber Aero kit with “R spec” rear wing
  • full stainless exhaust system w/ Carbon fiber 2bros muffler
  • Upholstered seat cover, headrest, and interior with green stitching
  • Electronic paddle shift with auto clutch
  • Toyo Proxes R888 tires
  • Stiffer Anti roll bar
  • Double adjustable shocks
  • Full weather proof stereo system
  • Green backlit steering wheel with integrated electronics