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DIY Building Fully Operational Wooden Bike From Scratch

Woodworker, Michael Thompson has taken it upon himself to create a functioning bike from nothing but wood. In this awesome look into the science of creating a fully operational bike./Red Bull Bike

source/image(PrtSc): Red Bull Bike

Thompson describes the ideation and process of crafting a bike made almost entirely of wood. Watch him at work in his woodworking studio and see what he has dubbed the “Splinter bike” in action.

In addition to being very tough, wood has a unique ability to absorb vibrations which is not seen in other bicycle building materials.When a vibration travels along the frame, it will be dampened significantly by the cellulose in the wood before it reaches the rider.


This dampening quality makes the ride noticeably smoother.Wood decreases much more slowly over time when compared to metals and carbon fibre. Wood is a naturally stiff and sturdy material, due to the way it grows over time to resist forces from all directions./Splinter bike