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How To Build A Sandblaster For Less Than 6 Dollars


A sandblaster can be used to remove paint and dirt from many different surfaces. The act of Sandblasting forces abrasive material grit onto surfaces at extremely high pressure.If you’ve ever wanted a sandblaster but thought they were too expensive, here’s a video on how to make one for cheap.

image/text credit: adam fleisch

Watching rust get blasted off of metal is always satisfying. It must be even more satisfying to do it, particularly when you’re using a self-made sandblaster. DIY’er Adam Fleisch figured out how to make one for under six bucks, using an airgun and a soda bottle, and the darn thing actually works.

All it takes is an air blower which I purchased for under 5 bucks, an empty bottle, and some broken glass and an air compressor.


Sand blasting is perfect for cleaning hardwoods and restoring the look of the timber or leaving the timber in a prepped state ready for painting.Commonly used for removing rust from metal work in the automotive industry and in the restoration trade for restoring old metalwork, like railings or pipework.