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Vertical Garden Headboard Piece With Mirrors


The final piece for the Rhode Island Home Show display! This is a living wall/vertical garden/green wall piece that I made oversized to fit over the head of the bed. Made 100% from reclaimed materials like I love to do.

image/text credit: Jackman Works

It was tricky to figure out a way to mount the round mirrors floating in the center but I ended up building building up a wood matrix in the center that also helped to hold up the plants in place.

For the show we mounted the succulents in foam since we didn’t have enough time to let them root properly (it takes about 2 months).Lately, the idea of green walls has become very fashionable. Either part of a building or free standing, this sustainable innovation is healthy and great to look at.


Green walls are great for those who don’t have much garden space. Although a professional will be needed for larger scale projects, this is still something you can attempt yourself on a smaller scale at home.