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How To Build Basketball Board Game for 2 Players


Do you have a lot of cardboard boxes around the house?You’ve probably thought about letting the kids have those boxes for play or even creating a puppet theater from them. I’ve found some even greater ways to put them to use that your kids will love.

image/text credit: The Q

In this video I show you how to make amazing basketball board game for all family. All basketball fans, kids and everybody else will love this awesome super cool game! All you need is some cardboard, popsicle sticks and acrylic glass.

Follow instructions from this video and you will get basketball board game for 2 players!This DIY project is easy, durable and safe to have around the house for kids.


The best thing about these cardboard crafts is that they are cheap and excite kids during the creation time and playtime till their little hearts are filled. As we know, they get excited and bored too quick so these ideas are just what every cardboard box collector parent wants to know!

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