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How To Build Colosseum With Coins Without Glue “If You Have Enough Coins”

Because everybody needs a hobby , collecting coins is just too boring for some people, these are a bunch of the gravity-defying coin stacks.In today’s video I want to show you how to build Colosseum if you have enough coins.

source/image(PrtSc): The Q

From there, he’ll sometimes stack even more coins on top. It’s a mesmerizing sight, but also one that you’ll want to hold your breath for. The precarious Colosseum look as though they could tumble at any moment.By the way, I used 6895 coins.The Q stands the coins upright and places them edge-to-edge without the discs falling or even wobbling.

Take a look at how the following items are re-purposed or made with pennies! Now all you need is your imagination and patiene! This video offers a performance as well as a tutorial.Can you make something similar with fewer coins.


DIY penny projects require patience first hand and it is highly recommended to start this project with the aid of your friends. Those gorgeous little coins can be transformed into amazing crafts, decor, furniture and art.