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A Stunning Modern Tiny House Sanctuary

In todays hectic, modern world, it’s more important than ever to have a sanctuary space to retreat to, a home where the troubles of the world can be left behind and where you are free to dream and pursue a life of your choosing. For Derek and Jeffrey that sanctuary came in the form of a stunning, modern tiny house on wheels.

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

For this entrepreneurial couple, the tiny house build started out as a fun design project with the idea of parking the house in the driveway of their Victoria, BC home and renting it out as a BnB. In the end, the couple absolutely fell in love with the home on wheels, and decided to move in, instead renting out their larger home.

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

Recently, the couple have sold their successful, yet stressful business and are now taking a well deserved hiatus, living in their tiny house, taking time to relax and plan for their next adventure together.


The exterior of the home is modern and masculine. A defined combination of cedar weatherboards and black metal gives the home a sharp and bold look. Lots of windows and large doors connect the home to the outdoors and provide great indoor /outdoor flow, paired with a great outdoor entertaining area.

They were able to find an exceptional parking space for the tiny home, moving it onto a lovely property with full services, where they overlook a stunning bird sanctuary. We hope you enjoy the tour of this beautiful and modern tiny house.