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How To Change & Balance Your Own Motorcycle Tires

Tired of paying someone else to mount and balance your tires? With a few basic tools and a little technique you can get your tubeless tires swapped out in about an hour.

source/image: Motorcyclist Magazine

In this video from the MC Garage we’ll guide you through the tire-swapping and balancing process and reveal tips and tricks that’ll make the job easier and help you avoid headaches.Watch this vid and you’ll be busting beads like a pro!

Unless you are planning on opening a tire shop, you probably will not want to spend the money on a dynamic balancing machine or devote the floor space to one for just changing your own tires.


There isn’t much to a static balancer, just a frame and a horizontal shaft for the wheel to rotate on. If you like doing a little bit of light fabrication, you can certainly build one yourself and can even use your own axle for a perfect fit.