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What Really Separates the Rich From the Poor

Here’s the only thing that truly matters if you want to succeed with anything – provide results and be valuable.Results is the only thing people care about and if you fail to deliver results you will never make it.

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While there are certain habits of the rich that only wealth will grant you access to, there are many simple habits that those who are not yet wealthy can learn to adopt as well.

The rich have habits that improve themselves and their lives over time.They protect their time wisely and are conscious of how each day is spent.


So if you develop these 8 traits you will be far better off when it comes to providing results.Here are eight habits that differentiate the rich from the poor.

  • Trait 1. The rich pay themselves first.
  • Trait 2. The rich base their decisions on long term rewards rather than instant gratification.
  • Trait 3. Rich people have several sources of income.
  • Trait 4. Rich people continuously invest in themselves.
  • Trait 5. The rich never blames, but take full responsibility for their failures.
  • Trait 6. The rich don’t sleep in.
  • Trait 7: The rich have clear vision or purpose.
  • Trait 8. The rich makes progress before entertainment.