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How To Make Solar Concentrating Mirrors – Super HOT Focal Point

In this video I show how to convert inexpensive truck mirrors into powerful first surface solar concentrators.First surface mirrors are an extremely efficient way of concentrating solar energy, much more efficient for their size than a fresnel lens.

source/image: NightHawkInLight

The first step is to separate the mirror from the housing. Then, looking at the backside of the mirror, NightHawkInLight removes the protective paint that covers the thin metallic sheet housed inside the mirror.

With the protective paint cleaned off, you can reinstall the mirror in its housing. You’ll find that the new mirror has a focal point much closer to the surface, giving it much greater heat. Be careful taking the paint off, but otherwise this is a pretty straightforward project.


This type of mirror is also essential for optical applications.Solar concentrator technology, commonly referred to as concentrated solar power, stands in contrast to static photovoltaic panel electricity generating technologies, because it operates using moving parts, like a turbine, which can then generate electricity.