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How to Change Car Color in 2 Days! Vinyl Wrap Step by Step Guide Audi R8


This video discusses the step by step process needed to change the color of your car in approx. 2 days WITHOUT repainting with Vinyl Wrap.

source/image: AMMO NYC

Vinyl wraps are a fast, cheap (compared to painting), and “easy” way to change the color of your car. More videos coming on vinyl wrap maintenance coming soon! Hope you enjoy.

A wrap changes the color of your car and can let you have a finish that looks like regular paint, chromed, matte, or really anything that isn’t offered from the factory. It also let’s you make your car a color that may not have been available when it was ordered, or is from a different manufacturer.


Cast Vinyl is the most common material used in color change wraps. A cast vinyl starts as a liquid and is cast into a sheet or form and then processed through ovens, evaporating solvents in the liquid. When the solvents evaporate, the remainder is a solid film usually about 2 thousands of an inch thick. Cast films conform well to curved shapes and strongly retain their original, shape.