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How to Cut Firewood Same Length?


Youtuber “Crazy Russian Hacker” demonstrates how to cut firewood the same length every single time using The Mingo Firewood Marker. The handy measuring device works by gripping the handle, rolling the tool’s wheel down the length of the log, and accurately marking your log for cutting.

image/text credit: Taras Kul

Simply position THE MINGO at the beginning of your log or other surface to be marked. While holding the easy to grip handle, roll the notched wheel of the tool down the length of the log. As you roll it, the device clearly marks the log at the precise measured increments with an easy to see paint mark.

It is a quick and easy method of marking your log so it can be effectively cut to the desired lengths resulting in more uniform and efficient yields of firewood.


This gives you firewood that fits in your stove better and burns more efficiently,saves several cuts per load thanks to the precision measurement.Perfect for homeowners with woodburning fireplaces, stoves, or other woodburning appliances.

VIATaras Kul
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