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Time Traveler Claims To Have Brought Back A Picture From The Year 6000


This supposed time traveler claims to have brought back a picture from the year 6000. We recently met up with this man in an undisclosed location as he told us his story. He says he was part of a top secret program in which he traveled through time into the distant future.

image/text credit: ApexTV 

While in the year 6000, he took the photograph seen in this video. What he is saying, could be true, the government did do these things.there are others on here saying the same or a little different.

Time seems to have an “arrow,” whereas the spatial dimensions are ambidextrous. Given the unity between time and space, it leads to the obvious question: Is time travel, of any sort, possible? Under any circumstances? At all?


“Da BIGOMN” – He seemed sincere til he starting the faking crying. but aside from the crying if he is telling the truth did he not just break the time travel carnal rule of saying what will happen because it could affect the time line? personally I do believe time travel is real and heck if the government needed a Guinea pig I would do it gladly. But if he is telling the truth no one would believe him. I doubt It would possible to bring back tangible proof, it would basically get erased by the time it reached our time.

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