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How to Grow Potatoes In a Potato Tower – Making a Potato Tower Is Easy To Do


Homemade potato towers are simple structures easy to construct that are perfect for the home gardener with little gardening space or just wants to maximize existing space. Building a potato tower isn’t daunting, almost anyone can do it. Regular potato planting requires a lot of space as the bushes can get quite large.

source/image: Becky’s Homestead

Instead of planting and tending the usual flowers, try to use your green space in a much more intelligent and practical way.Becky shows you how to grow potatoes in a potato tower.

Making a potato tower is easy to do, and it’s a really good way to grow some fresh potatoes for your family. A potato tower is an excellent solution,these simple vertical gardens are constructed of a cylinder of metal fencing lined with straw and filled with soil.


The benefits of this method are a well insulated vertical garden that allows you to keep and store the potatoes all year round, including winter, and then just get out potatoes when you want.