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This Kitchen Knife Is Made From Pasta And Its Super Sharp!


YouTuber Kiwami Japan demonstrates the art of crafting cutlery by showing viewers two different ways to make a kitchen knife with pasta noodles.By grinding down spaghetti noodles with a food processor, a powder is created that is turned into a paste.

source/image: kiwami japan

As the paste dries, it’s molded into the shape of a knife and dried for 10 days. Once the pasta is hardened, the meticulous process of sharpening the knife begins.

He puts a handful of dried pasta into a food processor, adds some water and semolina flour, vacuum seals it all, uses a real kitchen knife as a mould and then dries the pasta knife for a week, which seems like a lot more effort than just washing up a knife, to be honest.


They then sharpen the knife as they would any other, and by the end of the process you’re left with a sharp enough knife to cut tomatoes.Not only can it be used to slice up tomatoes for a sauce, it can also be boiled and eaten as the main course.

VIAkiwami japan
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