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How To Hookup a Trailer In Ten Easy Steps


Hooking up your trailer to your vehicle requires patience and attention to detail. As discussed in previous chapters, it is important to outfit your vehicle with the right trailer hitch, ball mount, trailer ball and electrical components.

source/image(PrtSc): Best Trailer Inc

Towing a trailer can be a trial. Seemingly minor details—like adding a couple of hundred pounds to the rear—can make profound changes in the rig’s stability. But by following a few simple guidelines, you can stay on track, towing with the utmost ease and safety.

Test the tow vehicle’s wiring.Verify the trailer ball & hitch meet the min. gross vehicle weight rating. Also check that the ball and hitch size match.Back up to trailer.Lower the tongue jack, secure the tongue latch, and insert the safety keeper.Lift up on the trailer using the tongue jack to make sure there is a secure connection between the trailer and the hitch.



Raise and secure the tongue jack for towing.Hook up safety chains making sure to cross them as you doConnect the lights. Run the light cord through the safety keeper.Step back and verify that the trailer is level or slightly up hill.Check all the running lights, left and right signal, and brake lights.Drive safely.