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A 2L V8 Motorcycle The World’s Most Powerful Production Motorcycle


The iconic V8, reborn as an authentic motorcycle engine.A meticulously crafted, compact and outrageously powerful motorcycle for the discerning rider. “The PGM motorcycle features a 90-degree 2L V8 engine producing 334hp @ 12800rpm / 214Nm @ 9500rpm.

source/image(PrtSc): Fullboost

Australian built to the highest quality from front to back including MoTeC fuel injection, Brembo brakes, Akrapovic titanium exhaust and Marchesini forged alloy wheels.

The PGM motorcycle weighs in at 242kg wet giving it one crazy power to weight ratio! It all comes down to the weight saving materials used on this bike by its maniac producers. Carbon-fiber, titanium, aluminum, it’s all in there.


The most fun part is that the V8 spins to an incredible 13,500RPM redline, with peak power hitting at a crisp 12,800RPM. That makes this the highest revving production V8 in history.The V8 along with the carbon-fiber fuel tank and tail section gets attached to the specialist chrome-moly ‘trellis’ frame as a stressed member and completes with an aluminum subframe.

VIA Fullboost
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