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How To Install A Professional Bathroom Tiling System


Watch step-by-step how to install a professional bathroom tiling system – from preparing the substrate to waterproofing under tiles, followed by tiling walls & bathtub with non-porous tiles and mosaic, then installing a heated floor sytem and floor tiling, before finally grouting & sealing joints & mirror.

source/image(PrtSc): The Pro Channel for Building

The Ceresit expert gives you valuable profi tipps & tricks during the application to make your tiling job a success. You also see which Ceresit system products you need in each step of the bathroom installation.Watch the video from “The Pro Channel for Building” for the full tutorial.

It is hard to imagine contemporary bathrooms, showers, laundry rooms or kitchens without ceramic tiles of stunning design and excellent surface technology. Ceramic tiles are frequently used in rooms or areas subject to high moisture, chemicals and abrasion.


Tiled floors and walls are expected to offer lasting beauty and long service life. Therefore, planning of details like waterproofing-sealing, edge bridging, right choice of grout and adhesive are important factors.

VIAThe Pro Channel for Building
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