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How To Lay Floor Tiles – DIY Floor Tile Installation

Tile can be installed over various types of subfloor. Tiles are a great way to bring colour and style to a room. The most suitable materials for the subfloor are concrete, plywood and cement board.RONAinc

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A plywood subfloor needs to be 1¼ in thick, which is the thickness of two 5/8 in panels.Another option is to lay a thin synthetic lath (about 3/16 in thick) if you don’t want to raise the floor level too much.

Once you’re prepared the subfloor you’re ready to install your new tile floor. Learn more about tile types by downloading this PDF or watching these videosThe key to success in tiling is to follow carefully measured guide or layout lines.


They show you where to start laying the tile and are arranged so the tile is evenly centered in the room.Layout lines must be square, otherwise you will end up with odd-shaped tiles at the walls. The best way to ensure square lines is to make a floor plan by drawing the walls of the room as accurately as possible on a sheet of grid paper. Be sure to include doorways and floor obstructions such as cabinets and fixtures./RONAinc