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How to Make a Huge Microscope Projector from a Laser Pen


Have you ever wondered what sort of microscopic critters are floating around in your water?This amazing experiment shows you how to to turn a simple laser pen into a microscope projector. Cool science experiments with Home Science.

source/image: Home Science

You want to make a stable droplet of water hand off the end of something,shine your laser pointer through the droplet onto a white surface, and watch.In this home experiment, a laser pointer was shone through a drop of water collected from a glass of water and the magnified image projected on an opposing wall.

Depending on your source of sample it might be full of live. The drop of water acts as a small spherical lens and as the light beam passes through, refraction causes a magnified image to appear on the wall beyond.


The shadows of microbial life dotting around the wall can clearly be seen dancing, feeding and apparently battling it out in the spooky green pool of light.This means that a shadow created by a tiny creature inside the droplet will still be visible several metres away.