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How to Make a Mini BBQ From a Can – DIY Mini Barbecue


At some point this summer, you may find yourself somewhere your grill isn’t, with an itch to cook up something tasty. So in this project let’s hack an empty drink can, into an itty bitty BBQ, that will help get you the fix you need, and put some sizzle on those links one glorious dog at a time.

source/iamge: Mr Useful

You’ll need to cut the can completely in half, which you could do with a pair of scissors, but whatever you use, the goal here is to split the can cleanly in two.

Utilizing the empty can, a popsicle stick, a couple u-bolts, some hinges, a scrap loop, and a coat hanger.The best part is, no matter where you go, with this itty-bitty grill you’re only minutes away from enjoying the flavors of summer.


Even if you make the grill as a novelty item, you never know when something like this may come in handy. Plus, only costing you a few bucks from the hardware store and the price of whatever beverage you consumed from a can, this is one cheap, transportable grill.

VIAMr Useful
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