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How To Make a Mini Sword Out Of Nail – DIY Mini Sword


This video from Inspire To Make has us oddly satisfied. There’s something about watching a master craftsman working his magic with the hammer and anvil to create a ludicrously tiny sword. Check it out!

source/images: Inspire To Make

The fact that he’s making a beautiful miniature sword from a nail, the time-lapse macro video, the dramatic music, or that the guard of the sword is just an even smaller nail. Wonderful!

Honestly, the most onerous part is using a blowtorch to heat the metal, though if you’re happy to use elbow grease instead, you can achieve similar results minus the flames.


Alternatively, you can watch the video above and just enjoy someone else going about the process.I’m already picturing the tiny armies to go with this tiny sword, to battle tiny orcs, and slay tiny dragons… I must have this tiny tiny sword!