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How To Make a Plywood Japanese-Style Tatami Bed


A Japanese-style bed made of birch hard plywood. These beds are lower than western ones, with the mattress embedded in a wooden frame. This Asian style version includes a mattress over which the tatami mats can be placed. It is traditionally low to the ground with lots of back support./Paoson WoodWorking

source/image: Paoson WoodWorking

Some platform beds utilize a smaller base layer upon which to set a larger layer that will be the platform for the mattress. This creates a “raised floor” look that mimics the Asian style of setting one’s mattress directly on the floor. In this video Paoson WoodWorking walks you through the build proces of the bed, step by step.

Japanese tatami platform bed is the perfect expression of simple comfort. Simple as in easy to set up and enjoy, comfort as in lay back and relax.


If you choose to paint, dark colors like brown and black are most popular for Asian-style bed frames, especially when they contrast with neutral sheets, blankets and room decor.Build this amazing bed and create a peaceful space for your sleep or meditation.

VIAPaoson WoodWorking
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