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How to make a Shop CART – DIY Tool Storage


Whether your shop is big or small,its sure handy to have a cart for moving stack parts from one machine to another.Go vertical with this handy cart to free up valuable floor space in your shop.In most small shops, it’s a constant struggle to keep clutter at bay.

source/image: DIY Creators

Constructing this cart is simple.All parts are just glued and screwed or nailed together.This tower cart can help free up crowded floor space. The three sturdy shelves allow you to store several tools and accessories vertically.

The wide base provides stability when rolling the cart on its locking casters.You can position the middle shelf to serve as an auxiliary worksurface. And each shelf includes a drawer that’s accessible from either side of the cart.


Roll away cart with built in tools, save space and maximize functionality and storage.There is enough draws to take a lot of tools. It also complements the existing tool box next to which it stands, being the same overall dimensions.