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How To Make An Egg Incubator With a Water Bottle


Hatching chickens can be a fun family project, too. While the costs of buying an incubator are quite high, it is a relatively simple process to make one at home. You probably already have the ingredients sitting around your house right now.

source/image: Imaginative Guy

This video is how to make an egg incubator with a water bottle.Shows the process of hatching Chick with a homemade incubator.Maintain Temperature In Incubator 37°C – 41°C And Humidity 50% – 65 % For Better Results. Watch the video from Imaginative Guy for more info:

Turn The Eggs Daily 3-4 Times Till First 18 Days Of Incubation….Chicks Will Comes Out Of The Eggs (Hatching) Between 20-24 Days.DIY incubators are notorious for being a great idea, with low success rates, but if you have a source of free fertile eggs it could be worth a try!


However, it’s important to remember that in any clutch of eggs there will be some which don’t hatch for all kinds of reasons which are nothing whatever to do with the incubator – low fertility levels, time of year, poor storage, bacteria infecting porous eggs and so on.