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How to Make Domino Row Building Machine from Cardboard


If you’ve ever watched a domino artist set up a run by hand, you probably decided that’s too much trouble and time to even attempt. The next step? Design a machine to do it for you. Youtuber The Q built a strangely simple cardboard device just for that. It’s quite impressive.

source/credit: The Q

In today’s video I show you how to make amazing fully automatic domino row building machine from cardboard at home. All you need is cardboard, dc motor, battery, bottle caps, rubber for tyres and straw.

Follow instructions from this video and you will get amazing row building machine. It speed near 60 dominos per minute, so it works quite fast.


The machine works by pushing a magazine full of dominoes forward along the table while a slider pushes them out one at a time as the machine slowly drives along.

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