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How To Quickly Fix A Flat Tire By Yourself


Learn how to Fix a Flat Tire yourself.When a nail or screw punctures a tire, it can either stay embedded in the tread or can enter and come straight out. The tire pressure leaks from the puncture hole and the tire eventually goes flat.

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If you’ve got a flat tire, you may be able to save money by repairing it with a plug instead of buying a new tire. This video shows you how to make this simple, inexpensive repair in about 15 minutes. First, check to see where the puncture is. If it’s in the sidewall, do not plug the leak.

If you’re having trouble accessing the nail, you might have to take your tire off. Then, remove the nail using needle nose pliers. Use a tire plug kit to insert a rubber plug into the hole. Cut off the excess rubber sticking out using a knife or razor blade.


Stuff it into the rounded hole, and remove any excess material. Give it a second to seal up, then fill up the tire with air.A tire plug can last for quite a long time but it is a good idea to get the tire patched professionally as soon as possible.