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How to Replace An AC Compressor In Your Car


Air conditioning compressor not working? Learn how to properly replace your air conditioning compressor so you can get cold air this summer!

source/image: ChrisFix

I show you how to replace an ac compressor in a Toyota Tacoma but the process is similar for any car or truck. This works for an A/C compressor clutch that wont engage and if you are not getting cold air because the compressor is bad.Watch the video from Chris Fix for more info:

Remember to wear safety glasses and latex gloves before you get started! The condenser cools the freon in the air conditioner system. This should be flushed to remove any debris. This will help to remove any compressor oil that has been contaminated. Be aware of any fluids that may come from the lines as they may cause harm to the skin.


Locate the AC compressor and remove the serpentine belt from the compressor’s pulley.Remove the negative battery cable from its post.Remove the bolt at the compressor that secures the refrigerant lines and inspect the lines carefully for dirt or signs of wear.Disconnect the compressor’s electrical connections.Remove the compressor’s mounting bolts and pull the unit from the vehicle. This video is done by a professionist, don’t touch your car if you don’t know what you are doing.

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