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How To Super Clean Your Car’s Or Truck’s Windshield

Learn how to get your windshield super clean! The windows of your car or truck are what you look out of and it is important that they are clean.

source/image: ChrisFix

When you clean the windshield with my method the rain beads up and rolls off the windshield leaving great visibility. Bugs and bird poop come off really easy with one wipe of a towel. Even ice wont stick to the glass so no more scraping ice on those cold days!

The exterior surface of the windshield is exposed to some harsh element such as debris in the air, road grime colliding with the windshield when driving, bugs, etc. Once the windshield is exposed to extreme heat, it will become baked on and can be hard to remove afterwards. Normally you can feel the build up by gliding your fingers across the glass.


You should ideally start out by washing the exteriors of your windshield with water. Once you’re done with it, wipe it off with a soft, microfiber towel. Give it some time to dry. After its dry, spray glass cleaner on another towel and wipe it on the glass following an up and down motion. Team this up with a side to side motion for better cleanups.