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How Would You Stop Your Car If Your Gas Pedal Got Stuck!!

Stories of cars with sticking accelerators have been in the news often in recent years.A stuck accelerator, however,is an electrical or unintended acceleration can be caused by a mechanical malfunction such as a faulty throttle or the floor mat becoming wedged under the pedal.

source/image: National Geographic

The following tips may help you if you’re ever found in this unfortunate situation: Try to stay as calm as possible, it might be hard, but it’s important. Firmly push the brake with both of your feet and hold it down. Pumping your brakes may interfere with your car’s power brake vacuum assist.

If you have an automatic transmission, shift it into neutral. If you car has manual transmission, depress the clutch to shift gears.Avoid initially turning off the engine unless shifting into neutral was unsuccessful.


If your car comes equipped with a start on/off button, hold the button down at least 3 seconds to disable the car. Do not tap the start on/off button repeatedly.After you’ve come to a controlled stop away from traffic, turn the engine off if you haven’t already done so. If you use a key, keep it inside the ignition when turning off the engine so the steering wheel doesn’t lock up. Once safe, you will need to have the vehicle repaired by a professional technician.