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Rocket Sled Impact Test In Slow-Motion


To ensure the safety, security, and reliability of the United States Nuclear Weapon Stockpile, Sandia National Laboratories conducts extensive modeling and full scale testing.

image/source: Sandia National Labs

This video shows one of the many tests Sandia conducts, using an inert unit, to ensure our Nation’s nuclear weapons are safe, secure, and reliable.

Watch the test events as they unfold through high speed photography in slow motion and discover how sensors, gauges, and quantitative high speed imaging systems provide data for the super computer models.


Rocket sleds were used extensively early in the Cold War to accelerate equipment considered too experimental (hazardous) for testing directly in piloted aircraft. The equipment to be tested under high acceleration or high airspeed conditions was installed along with appropriate instrumentation, data recording and telemetry equipment on the sled.