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HSP Solar Skin Futuristic Quantum Age Airplane Concept


The HSP “Solar Skin” by Oscar Viñals looks a little “weird” or strange for today’s concept planes because it doesn’t have the usual wings… the airplane itself is a big smart wing with devices or “extensions” front little wings, rear smart stabilizers and top stabilizers making it all together, with its special shapes, a high performance plane.

image: Oscar Viñals

After, tested the design with CFD software and analyze in several fly conditions (lateral gusts, air turbulences, air vortex on the tips of the fuselage,…etc), it may have a stable and very good balanced between its lift and drag coefficients.

image: Oscar Viñals

For example, it could improve the lift by around 35% at low speed (Takeoff) and decrease the aerodynamic drag at cruise speed.The HSP “Solar Skin” would be equipped with 8 oversize Hybrid Engines (HEPJE), capable to produce a big amount of power thrust.

image: Oscar Viñals

A Superconducting Motor at High temperature as a principal engine, assisted by an Ultra High-Bypass section, that will “feed” 3 independent Plasma Chambers producing a “rocket push” in order to obtain a powerful thrust.


The HSP “Solar Skin” would be equipped with a “Thrust vectoring system” located on the rear nozzles and under the plane. Part of those nozzles (top side) could move 45 degrees, redirecting the engine exhaust to down side. 6 Duct Systems under the Airplane’ fuselage have the function to act like a V/STOL (Harrier Jump Jet ) system.

The HEPJE Engine would have 3 electromagnetic rings and a subchassis made of a combination of ceramic, gold & titanium materials in order to keep in the core (Superconducting Motor) a stable temperature of function & isolate it from the high temperature of the Plasma Chambers.

VIAOVI's Design
SOURCEbehance/Oscar Viñals
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