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Huge Ice Block Falls Down From The Sky in London

A giant block of ice fell from the sky on a street in London, UK,witness estimated the hunk of ice weighed around 20kg. It fell in front of a building just a few meters from a street cleaner who was standing in front of a store.

image/text credit: Unusual Things

The ice may have been the result of meteorological phenomena or fallen from a passing aircraft,the Civil Aviation Authority claim they receive 30 such reports each year.Although ice does very occasionally fall from aircraft, it can also be the result of meteorological phenomena.

Ice falling from planes can come from leaks, or from ice that has formed on the outside of the aircraft in the cold air at high altitudes breaking off after hitting a patch of warmer air.


It was like the start of a disaster movie like The Day After Tomorrow,witness says,it made such a loud noise like a meterorite crashing down. The street cleaner was so confused and scared.