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Hupi Solar Powered Ebike Camping Trailer


The Hupi stroller is self-sufficient and entertaining. With the Hupi wagon behind you, you can ride an electric bike even to Lapland when the sun is shining, because the Hupi wagon has a solar panel with which you can also charge your electric bike’s batteries during breaks.We are going to revolutionize the e-biking and caravan market by bringing to the market the unprecedented Hupi trailer that is pulled behind the E-Bicycle, which has already caused a stir in the public.

source.image: Hyötyajoneuvokeskus

Urpo “Upi” Merranmaa, the inventor of the Hupi wagon, says that the wagon has a sleeping place for one person. The solar panel installed on the roof provides power for the mini-fridge in the wagon and for example a laptop. Thanks to the standard equipment of the trolley and the laptop you carry with you, you have a wonderful opportunity to work remotely in nature.

In the cabin with an interior length of 195 centimetres, a width of 95 centimetres and a height of 125 centimetres, the designer has accommodated a number of conveniences. The body combines painted 0.5 millimetre thick aluminium with a 20 millimetre thick plastic panel that thermally insulates the interior.


The trailer can be connected to the bicycle via a simple, but quite solid-looking metal construction. The trailer also includes a 150 to 250-W rooftop solar panel connected to a a 20-Ah battery onboard, and a 300-W inverter for powering the mini-fridge also the interior and exterior lighting.