Home Technology Hybrid Locomotion For Wheeled-Legged Robots – ANYmal Quadrupedal Robot

Hybrid Locomotion For Wheeled-Legged Robots – ANYmal Quadrupedal Robot

Our quadrupedal robot ANYmal equipped with actuated wheels performs dynamic hybrid walking-driving motions.Robotic Systems Lab has shared a new video that shows ANYmal with actuated wheels performing dynamic hybrid walking driving motions.

source/image(PrtSc): Robotic Systems Lab

The combination of legs and wheels might be a solution for any real-world application requiring rapid, and long-distance mobility skills on challenging terrain.

In this paper, we present an online trajectory optimization framework for wheeled quadrupedal robots capable of executing hybrid walking-driving locomotion strategies.


By breaking down the optimization problem into a wheel and base trajectory planning, locomotion planning for high dimensional wheeled-legged robots becomes more tractable, can be solved in real-time on-board in a model predictive control fashion, and becomes robust against unpredicted disturbances. The reference motions are tracked by a hierarchical whole-body controller that sends torque commands to the robot.via/read more: mbjelonic.github