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Turf Tank Intelligent One ION Athletic Field Marking GPS Robot


Turf Tank, a turf management solutions provider, proudly introduces Intelligent One (ION) to the United States athletic facilities market through an exclusive and strategic alliance with Intelligent Marking in Denmark. The Turf Tank ION is an autonomous GPS/RTK robot which can mark athletic fields in a more efficient and cost effective way using proprietary technology.

source/image: Turf Tank

The Intelligent One is currently available for any size soccer field and Intelligent Marking will be releasing American football software in fall of 2016. Additional sports field software, paint & athletic facility products, applications usage and revenue generation opportunities for your facilities are available as well.

Turf Tank’s joint venture partner, Intelligent Marking, holds patented design and technology features that eliminates the need for a manual operator while increasing precision and sustainability on natural grass or artificial turf fields.


The Intelligent One can “complete the initial marking of an entire soccer field in just 35 minutes or a football field in approximately 2 hours.

Some of the main features of the ION include:

  • The ION uses a combination of GPS and RTK for highly accurate positioning of +/- 2cm.
  • Users manage the ION by using a dedicated smart app on a rugged (IP67 certified) Samsung Galaxy Active Tab.
  • The ION is capably of completing four soccer fields or one complete football field on a single charge from a Lithium ION battery.
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