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Hydraulic Press Test! Which Is The Strongest Car Jack?


Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel devoted to testing and crushing a variety of objects with a high-powered industrial-strength hydraulic press, following in a long tradition of very simple YouTube channels about destroying or testing things.

source/image(PrtSc): Hydraulic Press Channel

In this video the youtube channel “Hydraulic Press Channel” puts on test which is the safest jack for lifting up your car?scissor jack, floor jack, bottle jack or jack stand? We tested that with our 150 ton Hydraulic press!Watch the video to learn which is Tthe strongest car jack:

Having a good jack and jack stands is important, even if you only use it in emergencies. We’ll tell you how to determine what kind of jack is best for you and give a few recommendations.


What is then the best car jack?It depends on your vehicle, where the weight of it and its profile are decisive aspects.There’s so many operations that require you to lift the car, you have to get a decent jack. It’s a very smart investment.