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Hydrogen Oxygen Generators From Grocery Store Items DIY


In this video we look at several electrolysis designs and their function.An Hydrogen/Oxygen generator, like this one, uses electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen gasses. By placing two electrodes (metal plates) into water we can create an electric field between them by connecting them to the terminals of a battery or power supply. The positive electrode is known as the anode, while the negative one is the cathode.

source/image(PrtSc): NightHawkInLight

Most DC power supplies will work adequately well for electrolysis, the most common of which is a 12v battery charger or a car battery itself. For more control it is best to use an adjustable power supply. Watch the video from NightHawkInLight for more info:

After filming this video I realized that the plastic bottles I used for several of my designs had become quite brittle, and found research showing that hydroxide solutions are known to be quite damaging to plastics.I did not notice increased brittleness in the clear plastic container of my final split electrolysis design, but the plastic is much thicker and so it may take longer to show weakness.


A suitable precaution to give the cell the longest life may be to empty it of electrolyte while in storage. A stainless steel or glass container should be able to store the hydroxide solution indefinitely. Disclaimer: Dont try this at home, this experiment on this video is done by a professional./NightHawkInLight

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