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Hydrogen Powered Modular Skateboard Truck


French manufacturer Gaussin has unveiled the world’s first electric and hydrogen powered truck.A modular, versatile truck platform enabling limitless body configurations. The clean revolution.Hydrogen Powered up to 800 km of autonomyLess than 20 minutes refuelling time‍‍. Full electric with Battery Swapping System 300 km of autonomy 3 minutes battery swap.

source/image(PrtSc): GAUSSINfrance

Ultra-light Weight chassis 400 kg lighter compared to traditional truck chassis of the marketScalable, available in different lenghts, heights and axles configuration to meet the different needs of the road truck segment market.

Universal link plate,Mechanical interface fixed on the skateboard chassisEnables full compatility with all equipments and configurations.The future is now.


Designed for class 8 tractor and straight trucks, ranging from 18t to 44t, the gaussin skateboard is a versatile and modular system that can be configured to different uses. The first trucks are expected to roll out in 2022./GAUSSINfrance