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Hymach EXTREME XL Tool To Mow Grass On Road Shoulders & Deep Embankments


Tool to mow grass and shrubbery on road shoulders and deep embankments, as well as large green spaces, thanks to its very long arms. Both articulated arms are extendable, the first at the center and the second with a telescopic terminal featuring 4 extensions, so as to reach an superb extension capacity, while also ensuring that minimum clearance is required.

source/image: HYMACH ITALY

The new 1600 model is added to the EXTREME XL series, with an arm of almost 16 metres, installed here on a 200 HP Massey Ferguson latest generation tractor. The arm is entirely built in Domex 700 which gives strength and elasticity to the whole.

The particular shape of the articulated segments, the first extensible arm and the telescopic terminal allow, despite the considerable length of the arm, to work flush to the wheel without encumbering the track and not to cause excessive height-wise encumbrance during transfers to the road.


The head with its 150-cm effective cut is made of aluminium alloy to lighten the structure and is arc-shaped to allow the optimal trajectory of the knives and the discharge of the material avoiding accumulations inside.The aluminium head causes less flex-twist, reduces vibration noise by around 50%, is 30% lighter compared to a steel head, and features less wear of the material as it is protected by the sheet stainless steel placed inside the head (Hymach patent).

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