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Hymer Exsis World’s Smallest Fiat Ducato Camper Van


The Hymer Exsis Fiat Ducato is a small and compact mini camper van built on a Fiat Ducato chassis, 2004 model.Small mini motorhome that feels spacious inside with many smart solutions!This can be said to be a hybrid between a city camper van and a fully integrated motorhome supplied by Hymer, one of the world’s most renowned motorhome manufacturers. The car is ahead of its time in terms of electric windows and other equipment.

source.image(PrtSc): Bobilagenten AS

A pull-down bed above the seating area and, in addition, the sofa can be folded down into an extra bed so that you have sleeping places for four people.The car’s dimensions:Length: 545 cm,Width: 206 cm.The small motorhome is very easy to drive with its 545 cm length and 206 cm width!This also means that you can park in a normal car park and it can be used as a passenger car on the ferry and toll ring.

Can be driven with a normal car driving licence, Class B.Powerful 2.3L engine combined with the size makes this car fun to drive! What is also worth noting is that this has electric mirrors, electric windows, airbags and ASR anti-spin, which is somewhat unusual for cars from this vintage!Motorcycle stand with driving ramp that is easy and quick to flip up/down. The stand is certified for 140 kg. It is also easily possible to remove the entire stand if desired.Inside, you have smart solutions.


The seating group consists of benches ‘face to face’ and reversible chairs with armrests.The table in the seating area can be extended with a wave of the hand for a larger table surface. The seating group can be folded down into a bed with simple steps as needed.Kitchen with hot/cold water, cooker hood, fridge with freezer and plenty of smart storage space in the form of drawers and cupboards. The smart bathroom can be found in the back of the car. Here you have a fixed toilet, sink and shower. Cupboard for toiletries and large wardrobe.