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Hyper-Sub Multipurpose Sub-Sea Vehicle Powerboat Submarine


Imagine having the freedom of a speedboat but being able to dive at anytime, anyplace. It is what the Hyper-Sub MSV does and It could revolutionize our access to the subsea environment for many different purposes.

source/image(PrtSC): Hyper-Sub Videos

The Hyper-Sub measures 31 foot long with seating for up to five people, including the pilot, and was specifically designed to be a “general use” submarine, with a purpose-configurable design that allows for both recreational and industrial use.

And unlike the Scubacraft, the Hyper-Sub is a fully enclosed craft that lets users explore the ocean depths and stay dry.Underwater performance of the craft will depend on usage. Based on a standard battery load four AGN-type battery banks storing 26kWh the Hyper-Sub will be able to cruise at a speed of 3.7 knots for a period of one hour.


However, taking the speed down to 1.4 knots will extend the craft’s endurance to around 20 hours. The battery bank can go from full discharge to 100 percent charge in 90 minutes, or from full discharge to 80 percent charge in 60 minutes.//Hyper-Sub Videos