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Iguana Pro Interceptor Rib Amphibious Boat


French company Iguana prepares to launch world’s fastest, strong and reliable amphibious boat.The Pro Interceptor will serve as the base for a civilian RIB, which will be officially introduced in July this year,the powertrain has been tried and tested for years with boats up and running all over the world. The Iguana Research Unit worked on a sheer mechanisms for an easy and reliable experience.

source/image(PrtSc): Iguana Pro

The mobility system is made of aluminum 5083 and uses iron-free tracks (reinforced by Kevlar).The landing gear deploys and locks into place in 8 seconds. Ergonomically designed to seamlessly fold into the hull. The mobility system does not affect the seaworthiness of the Iguana. Its speed at sea reaches 55 knots.

Iguanas are suitable for extraction of hostages or injured people thanks to its very stable and safe platform.Fast and versatile, Iguanas will explore and secure any place. The electric version is very quiet, Iguanas can be used to secure a beach before a landing operation.


On land, Iguanas are mobile and silent. Their ability to change shelters makes them difficult to locate and allows them to provide proximity surveillance.Fully customizable, Iguanas can offer an important logistic support thanks to its 1200 kg loading capacity. The transport of people and material is done in complete serenity even in shallow areas./Iguana Pro