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Impressive 1905 Darracq V8 4-Cylinder 200Hp “Beast”!


The french manufacturer Darracq created in 1905 this “thing”, simply putting two 4 cylinder engines together on a chassis. With no front brakes. That’s it.

source/image(PrtSc): Mgrg

This 25 Liter V8 released 200hp and can bring the car to almost 200 km/h.This “beast”, coming from National Motor Museum of Beaulieu, was seen during Rétromobile 2016 in Paris, France./Mgrg

Much of the engine design came from the 1904 100hp Darracqs including the Nieuport magneto and Darracq carburetor. At 25,422cc, 200 bhp was possible at 1200 rpm.


An advanced engine for its day, it was mounted a chassis of eight foot six-inch wheelbase with a two-speed gearbox.The car was built by Pierre-Alexandre Darracq as a follow-up to his first record breaking car, which had hit 104.52mph in 1904.

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