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In-Wheel Motor Electric Drivetrain ORBIS Wheel Concept

OrbisDriven wheels bring multiple benefits to all types of vehicles. Adding 100 horsepower and turning any car into an all-wheel drive car.The Ring-Driven™ wheel weighs no more than a conventional wheel, yet incorporates the entire drivetrain and braking system for that wheel.

source/image: OrbisDriven Wheels

ORBIS Ring-Drive wheels are not only for clean-sheet automotive designs, but can be bolted on to any chassis regardless of size, weight or vehicle class.

source/image: OrbisDriven Wheels

ORBIS has retrofitted a 2017 Honda Civic Type R with ORBIS Ring-Drive wheels, replacing the passive rear wheels on this front-drive vehicle. Each ORBIS wheel provides an additional 50 horsepower and 70lb-ft of torque to each wheel on demand, dramatically improving the 0-60 time.


ORBIS can substitute a 19” wheel for a 15” wheel without raising the height or center of gravity of a vehicle.By limiting the rotating mass to the rim, brake ring, and tire, the resistance to rotation or moment of inertia is greatly improved. The RingWheel™ spins longer and more easily.

The strain-tuned, 3-pointed stationary bearing spider of the patented OrbisWheel™ combined with material science advances increase overall wheel assembly stiffness and reduce friction five-fold. An OrbisWheel™ can incorporate a 31lb/50hp brushless motor with zero penalty in un-sprung weight.