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Incredible Experiment – Gallium Vs Aluminium Tennis Racket


Look what happens when Gallium liquid metal is added to an aluminum tennis racket, it disintegrated!Gallium attacks most other metals by diffusing into the metal lattice.

source/image: DaveHax

The gallium invades the aluminium to form a fragile and brittle material, and the tension in the racket ripped it apart! Watch DaveHax’s video to learn what does gallium do to aluminum.

And because the aluminum frame soaked up the gallium, not only the part where gallium touched aluminium of the racket was affected but all of the Racket up until just a few inches above the handle was turned into a brittle shell.


During amalgamation, gallium penetrates the crystal lattice of the aluminum, thereby disrupting its structure.In this case aluminum becomes very brittle like glass.