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Indimob Carbon Fiber Fully Enclosed E-Trike


Car no longer meets the needs of urban mobility.Traffic, high operating costs, parking difficulties, limited traffic areas prevent their daily use, even in the case of electric vehicles with low environmental impact.The bicycle, on the other hand, is still a prerogative of a few, young, environmentally conscious users and becomes a limitation when one tries to combine everyday tasks (shopping, children to be taken to school, the office) with the lack of time and adverse weather conditions.

source.image: Indimob_official

Indimob’s the perfect meeting point between a bicycle and a car, very similar to a small car in terms of usability and ease of use: practical like a bike, comfortable like a car is our slogan.Design: an athletic and dynamic volume designed to make the most of the small size in terms of habitability and load capacity. Some quotations from famous cars that have made Italian car design great are recognizable.

source.image: Indimob_official

Aerodynamics have also been developed in order to decrease drag. For the design, the most advanced 3D technologies of the car industry were used.Construction in ultralight materials: carbon fiber for the bodywork and aluminum for the frame.Safety: A stable and safe vehicle equipped with three wheels, three generous hydraulic disc brakes.Dimensions: 2300x1500x850mm.


User experience: equipped with a large external load space (87l), capable of carrying two adults or one adult + 1 or 2 children and running on the road as well as on cycle paths;Ergonomics: comfortable and effective automotive ergonomic setting (seats with backrest) which makes pedaling pleasant and efficient. Accessibility favored by wide openings and folding seat. Large glazed spaces guarantee optimal visibility. The external dimensions ensure that you are seen in traffic.

Autonomy: from 40 to 140 km depending on the weight loaded and the degree of assistance of the engine.Production: totally produced in Lombardy using the best and most advanced companies in the area.Life cycle assessment: 100% recyclable materials: Aluminium, Steel, Carbon. Materials born to last a long time but now included in a supply chain that allows their total reuse without loss of value or mechanical performance. Plastic accounts for less than 1% by mass.

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